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Me Natalia Perez
Natalia Perez

Me Natalia Perez joined St-Pierre Law Firm on November 1, 2022 as a trainee, working with Christophe Borel.

Languages :French / Spanish / English / German / Galician

Professionnal career :

2022/ Trainee - St-Pierre Law Firm.

2022/ Visiting researcher, University of Montreal.

2016-2022/ Doctoral assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Lausanne.

2016-2019/ Ad hoc clerk to various judicial authorities in the canton of Vaud: Justices of the peace of the Jura-Nord vaudois and Gros-de-Vaud districts, as well as to the District Court of Broye and Nord vaudois (criminal and labor courts).

2016/ Master in Law, University of Lausanne.

2014/ Bachelor in Law, University of Lausanne.

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PEREZ Natalia/NGUYEN Minh Son,Commentary on arts. 24 and 25 Cst. fed., in: MARTENET Vincent/DUBEY Jacques (edits), Romand Commentary on the Federal Constitution, Helbing Lichtenhahn, 2021 Basel, p. 701-749.


AMARELLE Cesla/MIX & REMIX, Swiss law, leisure and education (LEP), 2022, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne.

  • updates from the 2018 and 2022 editions


From 2017 (73rd year): Review of Administrative Law and Tax Law (RDAF), Geneva Review of Public Law, Association J. ZWAHLEN, Lausanne/Geneva.

  • translation and summaries of judgments of the Federal Court


From 2016:Foreign law news, Stämpfli, Bern/Neuchâtel, directed by Professor Minh Son NGUYEN.

  • summaries of judgments relating to the rights of foreign persons


PEREZ Natalia, Proof of refugee status: notions of proof and likelihood within the meaning of Art. 7 LSi, in: PEREZ Natalia/NGUYEN Minh Son (eds),News of the law of foreigners, vol. II, Stämpfli, 2016 Bern/Neuchâtel, pp. 99-137.

Associative life and other activities:

Member of the Vaud Bar Association (OAV)

Member of the Young Vaud Bar (JBV)


Rue St-Pierre 2, 1003 Lausanne

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